About Huble

Huble is operations/community platform tailored specially for Impact Hubs. The product is not used by any other customer and therefore we can focus on continuous development according to needs of the IH makers.

The development started in September 2013 as extension of accounting tools provided for Impact Hub Prague (currently 600+ members). It was clear very soon that more Hubs are looking for a solution of the same issues, therefore it begun spreading around Europe and further.

The experience of helping bigger Hubs with cleaning of data and transformation to e-operations (like in Vienna, Florianopolis, Zurich) helped us to begin with a next level of product strategy which is based on sharing of the standardized process via Huble platform and helping smaller Hubs and Candidates as well.

How can Huble help your Hub?

Impact Hub stage:
Candidate/Initiative Fresh/candidate Running Scaling
CRM Huble contains a simple yet customizable CRM system which helps you to import your spreadsheet files and start organizing the contacts including personal tasks. Send quotations directly from Huble or ask leads to fill intake form without re-writting again lead contacts details from other system. Synchronise your contacts with other services like HubSpot, SalesForce, MailChimp or Contactually to operate on more advanworkflows.
Board and management CRM adjusted to community building and covering business opportunities (sales pipeline, funell reporting etc.). Real-time reporting of finance KPIs and Hub performance since day 1 of space operation. Feedback forms, scoreboards, advanced segmentation of customers, deeper analysis of customer behaviours in your environment, testing of different customers approach (promos, price updates, reductions etc.) Advanced reporting connected to specific segments, trends analysis, special report for investors. Align reporting with other Hubs in the region (or of the same owner) and compare the results in the manager's dashboard.
Finance and accounting Follow up funding and event subscriptions with receipts/invoices valid in your accounting environment. Collecting of clear billing details is helpful when providing later more services to your leads. Effective and transparent management of income and expenses from day 1 of the Hub, including printing receipts for cash payments and dealing with early debtors. Usage of payment channels which helps to reach all kinds of customers (credit card payments, mobile payments...). Reports of expenses and income segmented by accounting codes, spaces, services, compatible with your accounting rules. Saving time and work of your accounting person by providing clear structured data without human errors. Support of direct debit. Billing 100 members takes the same afford as billing 500 members. Huble will help you to scale without loosing control over your data and time. No additional costs for ops solution as Huble price does not change with members count.
Community management and CRM Use event ticket selling portal to collect leads of your community. Connect your CRM contacts with your social sites and share conversion-ready landing pages. All contacts can be processed with focus on several types of conversion. Connect community together via an integrated community tool which is free for use. Announce events with facebook-like subscription, let members explore your community, bring them overview of their services and space to announce their offers. Intake process, space reservations and event subscriptions are managed by Huble. Send tickets and collect always clean data with built-in validators. Free hours are automaticly granted, meta data like temporary assignment of contact into a program are all found in Huble. Engage virtual members and do not lose contact with your important and older members even if your teams keep growing and the relationships become less personal. Connect communities with other Hubs in the same region.
Best practices Access to detailed yet anonymized statistics from launch of other Hubs in the region. No need to migrate or clean any data in the future. Prevent reinventing a wheel connected to daily Hub agenda and features. Predefined templates like agreements, feedback forms and emails help you to start with doing operations properly, according to IHG standards. Grow up and use more and more advanced features which were proposed and well tested by other Hubs. Propose your own features, get them for free in exchange sharing them with other Hubs.
Communications Benefit from simplified website which can be launched with Impact Hub brand in 1 day on your own domain or impacthub.net. Back end is easy to use and no coding is required to make your website look professional and more modern than standard IH Word Press template. Website with much more stable administration than Word Press, regularly updated template and connection directly to the services setup (eg. when you change price in Huble admin, it is propagated to your website immediately). No struggles with plugins compatibility. Print cards to your member wall, publish stories on your website with data collected directly in community tool and during intake process. No duplication of questionnaires. Amaze IHG with comprehensive knowledge of your community. Upgrade to custom design of the website or connect Huble to your own platforms via API.
Integrations Use bulk email sending with Hub brand without learning MailChimp/HubSpot or copy pasting from slow Google spreadsheets. Share information of cases and community leads within your funding team. Saves costs connected to administration of 3rd party tools (Google calendars, MailChimp) due to automated sync and our assistance. Use only one tool for your communication campaigns of programs, members and supporters. Feel free to ask any special feature to increase competitive value of your space and add more value to your services. Ready to replicate the processes to other your spaces/building with no more human resources needed (applies mostly to finance, events manager and director of operations).

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