Huble demo access

Welcome to page which will lead you through all important Huble components which you can test online.

  Secured domain you can use for community tools

This domain is used for member/customer access to Huble. All emails are sent from or your domain.

  Intake form to onboard new members

You can place this form to your website and adjust it to mett your onboarding process rules (agreement generation, free trial day version etc.)

  Booking tool for customers and members

You can directly link to this form from your webpage. Current customers/members have all the details pre-filled.

  Calendars to integrate to website

Huble contains calendars to place to your websites. You can also synchronise reservations to your Google calendars.

  Tablet selling solution

This interface (usually run on tablets) demonstrates how Huble can interate with RFID and can help you sell additional services in Hub.

  Ticket portal

Huble has integrated event management which makes subscription and billing of event tickets easy.

  Community tool

Unversal interface for your members, interateable with WIFI, which enables access to all Hub community features. It is compatible with global initiatives like SalesForce data sharing.


Everything you would expect from the CRM system needed for management of your community and sales activities: Leads management, tasks management, communication templates, extension for offer workflow to be used as sales pipeline. communication log. The CRM tool demo is avilable on request on

  Admin interface

The main administration interface of Huble, here with all roles enabled.

The Huble tool demo is avilable on request on

Request an access to demo and personal presentation by contacting us directly.

Information entered to this site is used only for sales negotiations between your Hub and Bit Carvers (the worldwide distributor of Huble software) and it is not shared with 3rd parties.

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