Huble - Features and comparison with other tools

We started cooperation with Hubs all around the world in 2012. Huble as standalone platform (type of billing, accounting, CRM and data-sharing) is developed already for 6 years. However we still follow the same rules:

Below is an comprehensive overview of all the features compared with two other most frequently used solutions: Nexudus and Cobot.

Domains and brandingHubleNexudusCobot
Option to instal on server in your Impact Hub or your own hosting
(default installation is usage of Huble cloud)

The server must have public static IP address.

Full support for official Hub branding

Only logos and texts.

Public interfaces running on custom domain

You need to use domain.

Different internet domain for each location (if you have more locations)
Multilanguage support

Admin interface in English or alternative language (your translation), customer-related parts are fully multilingual.

Admin interface in English only, customer-related parts are fully multilingual.

Different e-mails and addresses according to location
Support for own translations
SSL certificate for your domain for free
Possibility of web hosting for your website

Price is 6% of your Huble fee.

Leads management and CRMHubleNexudusCobot
Import from spreadsheet files
Management of lists and contact stages
Report of status of stages, funnel charts
Tasks connected to contacts, companies, invoices
Logging phone and email communication

Emails are logged via sending hidden copy to

Emails templates to send from according to stage/list
Online booking tool

With photos, descriptions and advanced presentation options.

With basic presentation options.

With basic presentation options.

Extras (eg extra chairs, caterings)
Customizable extra questions (space setup, propagation options...)
Opening hours configuration

Advanced options for every day.

Advanced options for every day.

Reductions per tariffs
Attaching custom PDF manuals to certain rooms/locations
Different availability of rooms for customer types (offices, members, externals)
“Send me offer” form (more simplified booking tool)
Promo/discount codes
Google analytics/conversion tags on booking page
Booking leads workflow (PDF offers/quotations, price negotiation online)

PDF with offers and online accepting.

Space utilization report (hours, %)
Blocking selected spaces in reconstruction or during holidays
Free hours / credits
Different locations/buildings support
Recurring bookings
Advanced fees like late night booking, for weekends or any other custom condition
Synchronisation to Google Calendars

To multiple calendars/individual colors per room events.

Synchronisation from Google Calendars
Policy of assigning free hours to most expensive bookings first
Intake form
WIFI hotspot support

Including speed control and registration of visitors.

Interest/trial day form
Collection of leads (memebers, bookings etc.)

Only plan can be used to identify leads.

Predefined leads emails
Sign of agreement/conditions online
Notification for members to fill in missing membership data (eg for office members or manually onboarded members)
Custom data fields

Set already according to standards of Hub Global.

You need to add the questions manually.

You need to add the questions manually.

Members wall (printable paper cards)

Template updated on request for free.

Members wall (online)
Messaging/newsletter to members without need of use external marketing tool.
Member's guest passes (enables monitoring of guests of members)
Time passes
Shared tariffs between more people (mesa fixa, offices)
Agreements generated in PDF
Plans free hours / credits (usually used fo rprogramms)

Manageable individually, per tariff an per group.

Manageable individually and per tariff (both hours and credits).

Promo actions during booking
Welcome e-mails

Including custom attachments.

Check in

Connected to WIFI or RFID/cards.

Via external app NexIO.

Connected to WIFI or RFID/cards.

Issues/requests management from the community
Extra services (eg lockers, keys, access)
Start and end of tariff dring any day

Customizable rules for pro-rata price calculation.

Partially, extra services
Custom attachments for contacts/orders
Managing introdution workshops for members
Automated agreement renewal (with agreement update send to customer)
Temporary program-based tariffs
WIKI pages for your Hub (to inform members about how things work in Hub)
Membership feedback forms
POS for selling coffee/tea/drinks as the Hub t=o members and visitors

Huble has intarface for Android tablets. Optionally you can connet RFID reader to identify members.

Dashboard of coffee/bear consumption
Printer integration

Integrated per Hub demand via monthly import of file from the printer.

bulk-import of codes supported as well.

Via Ezeep or Papercut software.

Lock/key system

Integrated per Hub demand.

KISI is supported by default, also Salto KS and Clay are supported.

KISI is supported by default.

Booking calendar and form for tablet (attached next to room)
WIFI registration

Only works with Unify solution or Mikrotik. Unify is recommended for all Hubs to prefer when rebuilding their infrastructure.

Only works with Mikrotik.

Operates in mode only of Radius server (hard to integrate), with extra price of 0.5 USD/member/month.

Internet speed control of members
Customer analysisHubleNexudusCobot
Source analysis

Support of Google UTM tags and Google Analytics on intake/booking forms.

Rental feedback forms
Most important customers list
Collecting of reasons for bookings cancellation
Collecting of reasons for membership termination
Reporting of free/discounted members
Reporting of upgrades/downgrades
Members attendance report
Reports directly in web interface
Equipment inventoryHubleNexudusCobot
Equipment borrowed to customers
PDF agreements for borrowal/deposits
Deposits management

Only directly connected to memberships.

Registry of customersHubleNexudusCobot
Support for multiple locations

Including changes in e-mail templates, Hub logos and billing addresses.

Contact assigned to multiple companies
Assigning to groups
Temporary assignment of customer to group
Attachments to contact/company
Different workflows for legal entity and individual
CSV import

On request via support.

On request via support.

Import from other services

Nexudus and Cobot supported.

CSV supported.

Sending invoices to customer
Local invoicing rules support

(including country-based e-invoice policies).

Debtors notification
Calculation of due fees
Debt legal document PDF
Multiple invoice number series

Every service or payment method can be assigned to different serives.

Invoices corrections

Supports price correction per invoice item.

Only via complete write off.

Debts write-off
Tax rates support and foreign tax modifications

Includes planeable changes.

Includes planeable changes.

Service charges

Cancellation, automated calcullation when paid period of tariff is changed.

Manually used by Hub team.

Volume discounts for short-term services
Length discounts for services
Agreement length discounts for long-term services
Export of accounting data
One time charges for custom services
Separated billing address from service consumer
Support for foreign invoices (special account, currency etc.)
More months billing cycles
Division of tariff into multiple rows on invoice (tariff ultimate is divided into two accounting codes – space rental + community service)
Exclude order from credit/free hours
Online payments gate (credit cards etc.)

Always preferred to integrate local solution for free.

For selected countries (USA, Europe, other emost popular -commerce regions).

For selected countries (provider company is Stripe).

Mobile payments support

Always preferred to integrate local solution for free.

Overpayments handling

Overpayments can be assigned to future invoices or returned.

Reimbursement of payment

For card payments.

For card payments.

Bank transfers
Price modifications for groups of contacts/companies
Price modifications for tariffs
Price modifications for NGOs
PayPal payment gate
Sending payment receipts after received payment
Direct debit

For selected countries (provider company is Stripe).

International payments fee accounting
Accounting codes

Four independent dimensions (location, member type, accounting code, cost centre).

Revenue report
Income report
Accounting codes confgurable per particular order
Synchronisation of dataHubleNexudusCobot

Multiple lists support and former members list support.

Via an add on with basic field synchronised.

Google Calendars
Rest api to get list of members and their details (eg for your website)
Direct integration to HubSpot
Direct integration to SalesForce
Impact Hub Global relatedHubleNexudusCobot
Calendar for booking mentors (Business Help Desk programme)
Synchronization with IHG databases

Fully automated when Hub allows.

Paid extra Paid extra
Aligned with needs of Impact Hub Global and regional offices
Sharing of best practices from other Hubs
Public eventsHubleNexudusCobot
Event ticket selling/registration page
Restriction of events to members only
Event ticket discount code
List of registered, event check-in
Personal visit of traning staff/integrations

Provided for free in case of regions: Europe, South America, Central America. Conditions for other regions avilable per request.

Access to translations, texts and emails of other Impact Hubs
Download of all data in CSV files

Directly from interface.

Online helpdesk
Data are in ownership of the Impact Hub

Not cleary stated in agreement.

Not cleary stated in agreement.

Pricing model Fee according to your local prices level. Global pricelist per member count. Global pricelist per member count.
Licence price per 1 member/month (calculated for Hub with 300 members) Provided for free. 1 USD 1,2 USD
Support and hosting fee Equals to unlimited plan in your space. Provided for free. Provided for free.
Discount policy 50% fee reduction for Hubs without physical space. Individual discounts for emerging markets and regions with economical crisis. Unknown. Unknown.
Regular check of software usage level

Version: November 2017.

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