Price for Huble service is divided into two parts:

Monthly fee covering support, hosting, backups and updates

The amount of this fee equals price of your 1pc of Unlimited tariff. We do not rise price when you have more m2, members or users. The ceiling of the price is however 180 EUR (depends little on the region).

Monthly payment fee is paid for every passed month to an EUR-currency bank account or as pre-payment for agreeed period (this mode is executed is cases where the monthly payment is less economic due to bank transfer fees).

The fee does change when you change the prices and we use agreed estimation for Hubs which does not have clear pricelist yet.

Note: we are considering a extra pricing for using the Community tool as it requires more funding for the development. However we will not decide to charge any fee until it is running at least in 1 Hub in stable mode (currently Hub Istanbul) for more than 3 months.


One-off payment covering integration fees and initial launch

Installing Huble requires usually some initial work, depending on how difficult is to adapt Huble to your processes and how much we current data needs to be migrated (therefore we recommend to stat usage as soon as possible to save these costs). The price of the integration must be calculated on background of little initial analysis. Usually it is 2-4x price of the monthly fee. If you are a new Hub from region we know you can expect even lower price for the integrations.

For each installation we would count integration fees when this additional work (examples) is needed (new development, if already implemented solution is used, then it is free):

The average price is 25 EUR per man-hour for these integrations. We usually try to manage cooperation between Hubs nearby to make the trainings (and further Huble installations as effective as possible). We have premissions from most of our customers to share their settings and templates (including translations) with you so it speeds up the ops setup at your space.

You can get discount when more Hubs clustered together (one owner etc.) decided for Huble at one time and they share the same business model and integrations.

Special conditions for Hub Candidates/Initiatives

As Hubs in this stage does not use 100% of the features, sometimes does not have space and offers mainly virtual services, we provide up to 50% reduction for the montly fee if you can prove your business model is executed only partially.

Request an access to demo and personal presentation by contacting us directly.

Information entered to this site is used only for sales negotiations between your Hub and Bit Carvers (the worldwide distributor of Huble software) and it is not shared with 3rd parties.

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