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After filling-up this form, we can send you final price calculation and Hub installation project plan. We automated launching and integrations of Huble to the highest level possible to keep prices low and keep the growth of the tool sustainable. Filling this form saves hours of Skypes both for you and us. After we receive the data we are ready to jump on individual communication.

Submitting of this form does not obligate you to accept or pay antyhing. It should not take more than 5 minutes.

If you feel some field is not applicable for you, just leave the field blank.


We will follow-up on this contact about Huble.

Petr will add you to Skype so we can negotiate the meetings more effectively.

Write name of Hubs which you learn from or cooperate with. Leave blank if you do not have any mentors yet.



Fill in number of regular attendees of your events if you do not have space yet.


Imagine you have a community event (happy hour, projects mashup), how many contacts will participate on regular basis?


(incl. common areas, meeting rooms, offices atp.)

...because the admin interface for Hub team is still only in English. Translation is possible on request.


Current data are data we need for current billing, membership contracts, future bookings etc.

Eg. Yes, we have all invoices in XML, or we have Excel with all invoices/invoice items.

Eg. Excel + Google calendar, name of current software etc.

Eg. Excel, name of current software etc.

Eg. Excel, SalesForce, name of current software etc.

Eg. Excel, name of current software etc.

Addresses, tax Ids, flags if somebody has special price etc.

Eg. municipality software to send tax documents/nota fiscals, certified government interface etc.

Write name of the software (Contactually, SalesForce, Contactually, HubSpot, Pipeline etc.) or leave blank if you do have specialised software.


Some Hubs use different leagl entity for NGO activities, for programs etc. Tell use even the entity may not be connected to operations (eg. Hub Fund).

External customer = contact without membership/tariff

Bitcoin is counted as different currency.

  Business plan


Tell us your estimation if you do not sell coworking plans.

CIA, incubation programms, funding competitions...

No always contains the option that you apply some VIP or partnerhsip reductions.


Leave blank if you use classic keys.

Eg. Yes, Mailchimp.

Keep zero if not planning. Count only legal entities connected to your investors network, not the different Hubs you will open nearby.


This section helps us to know much trainings are needed or How many people (potential users) you already have in the Hub: If one person does two positions, choose only one field to count this person at.

Asks for Hub performance reports

Plans the expansion of the space, has overview

Responsible for the Hub

Heps you with IT network, computer, webpage coding, communicate with 3rd parties like printer vendor, internet provider, WIFI provider

Sends emails, takes care about PR, manages translations, produce designs

Responsible for sales of events, big bookings.

Responsible for community and new members intake

Responsible for rooms booking

Takes care about forecasting, responsible for billing, salaries etc.

Responsible for incubation/funding/impact/social programs

Team members helping with daily routine in the Hub

Volunteers helping time to time with daily routine in the Hub

Request an access to demo and personal presentation by contacting us directly.

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